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Kemp Family Researchers
The following are researchers researching their Kemp lineage in the United States.

To have your ancestor and name added please send us an email stating the name, dates and state of your Kemp ancestor.

If the email address does not work please notify us. We will either remove the link or try to update the email address. Contact us
We would also like to recognize, Dan Chamness. He has added valuable family data on the Chamness family, which intermarried into the descendants of Nathaniel L. Kemp.
Aaron Kemp, SC & TN & KY Paula Thompson Reuben Kemp, 1754-1834 IN - Steve Kemp
Francis A. Kemp, 1784 NC-Weakley Co. TN- Leslie Bell Phillip Bradford Kemp, LA - Randol Kemp
John Kemp, NC - Jim Mannan Robert Kemp, 1648-1702 Yorkshire, England-MD - Tim Kemp
John Kemp, VA - Howard Kemp, Jr. Solomon Mason Kemp, GA-OK - Cindy Wooley
Joseph W. Kemp, Phil Kemp Wiley J. Kemp, 1765 -1829 SC - Constance T McNeill
Moses Kemp, b Wake Co, NC 1749, John Scott William Button Kemp, UT - Gary Kemp
Murphy Kemp, NC - Gerald Hamor, Jr. William Kemp, Viki Anderson
Nathan Elgin Kemp, Glenn Kemp & Kathy Cagle Baker William Kemp, 1846 Oldham Co., KY-VA - Sherrie Pettyjohn
Nathaniel L. Kemp, NC, GA, AL, TN, AR - Jeff Kemp William Kemp, 1700-1750 NC -