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Listing of our Family In Civil War
(not a complete listing)

Nathan Langley Kemp **
Private, Company B, Newman's Battalion, 23rd TN Infantry
William Lester Kemp **
Private, Company M, 24th TN Infantry
George Washington Kemp **, MS Infantry, killed in action
James Taylor Kemp **
Dyer's Co., Newton's Arkansas Cavalry
James Harvey Kemp *
1st Lt., Co "E", 1st Arkansas Calvary
George Russell Kemp **
MS Cavalry
John M.T. Kemp **
26th Mississippi Regiment, Company "C", Infantry
Allen H. Kemp Jr. **
Co. I, 6th Arkansas Infantry, Cocke's Regiment
Joseph L. Kemp **
Private, 10th TN Infantry
Nathaniel Edward Kemp **
Pvt., Co. "C", Hardy's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
William Allen Kemp ***
Private, Co. P, 8th TN Cavalry
John William E. Kemp **
Constrict Forrest Co., MS
William Bradley Kemp **
Co. "E", Col. Newton's Arkansas Cavalry
John Coffey Kemp **
Company "C", 26th MS Infantry
William A. J. Kemp **
Private in Co. I, 16th, TN Infantry
Nathan Elgin Kemp *
Hardy's Regiment, Co. D, 24 Reg't Arkansas Infantry
Elijah W. Kemp **
Private, Co. I, Mississippi

Nathan McDonald Kemp **
Capt. 6th TN Calvary, "Hurst's Wurst"
Joseph Warren Kemp **
Sergeant, Co. "C", 6th TN Cavalry
Edward Elemuel Kemp **
Private, Co. "C", 6th TN Cavalry
* Son of Nathaniel L. Kemp
** Grandson of Nathaniel L. Kemp
*** Great Grandson of Nathaniel L. Kemp